MONEYSCHOOL'S Simplified Guide
to FAFSA and Federal Student Aid

Section 11: Estimating Aid Award

You can receive an early estimate of your potential federal student aid award before you submit a FAFSA by using the Department of Education’s FAFSA4caster, which you can find on the FSA web site using this link.  

The FAFSA4caster will estimate your expected family contribution (EFC) based on financial information you provide and on typical costs for the type of school you plan to attend.  It will also estimate the types and amounts of aid for which you are eligible.  Some of the data you enter in the FAFSA4caster will automatically be entered into your FAFSA later if you use the online version (FAFSA on the Web).  
Important Tip: If you are not ready to share your FAFSA information with the Department of Education, consider using another financial aid calculator such as the one provided by FinAid. Link to the FinAid calculator here.