MONEYSCHOOL'S Simplified Guide
to FAFSA and Federal Student Aid

Section 14: Getting a Federal Student Aid PIN

The last item we want to address before getting into the application itself is your Federal Student Aid PIN, which is an electronic access code, much like the PIN you use at a bank ATM.  The PIN serves as your personal identifier for online transactions related to federal student aid.

You can apply for a PIN anytime at   In fact, it’s a good idea to apply for your PIN before you complete your FAFSA so you can use your PIN to sign your FAFSA electronically online.  If you are a dependent student, one of your parents will also need a PIN to sign the FAFSA online.  Later, the PIN can be used to view your SAR, to make corrections to your FAFSA, or to submit a subsequent FAFSA online.  

If you don’t apply for a PIN before you fill out the FAFSA, you can apply while you are completing the FAFSA online and to receive it instantly so you can use it to sign your application.